Art Forum 1040 at the FOX TAX GALLERY - January 16


Event: Art Forum 1040: Re-Arted

When: JANUARY 16, 10 | 6:00 - 10:00pm

Info: The second of an annual series of art exhibits that spans the whole of tax season from January to April. For this year's exhibit, curator Emma Berg of mplsart.com pairs artists in a show full of unique, collaborative original works. Along with the original artwork, a limited edition 10 print series of each work will be sold for only $40 each.
Some of the 20 artists involved include Nicholas Harper, Ruben Nusz, John Grider, John Alspach, Megan Colleen, Bethany Kalk, John Fleischer, Josie Lewis, Michelle Westmark, Shawn McNulty, Deuce Seven, Rudy Fig, Mike Cina, Isaac Arvold, Jesse Draxler, Kevin Vereeke, Eric Carlson, John Vogt and more.

Signs for the New Year at the SHOEBOX GALLERY - JANUARY 15


Event: Signs for the New Year

When: JANUARY 15, 10 | 8pm

Info: The Shoebox Gallery is proud to present an informal reception for Jenny Jenkins's exhibit 'Signs for the New Year'. Her photographs of blank signs, made while roaming the USA indulge the pleasure of yellow plastic and red arrows,and also serve as harbingers for what the next decade might hold if we could just figure out to what they're pointing. Photographer, community gardener and proud resident of Powderhorn Park, Jenkins will be on hand to delight visitors with tales of Americana.
PLUS a recap/slideshow of the full week artist Sean Smuda spent at Art Basel, Miami. The highs, the lows, the trends, and the aesthetic staples. Stop by the Shoebox Gallery to see Jenny's show then buzz up to the Smuda Studio, for a meet and greet with the artist and an old timey slide show of the Postmodern.

Lightening Strikes Itself at the BURNET GALLERY - January 16


Event: Lightening Strikes Itself

When: JANUARY 15, 10 | 7:00 - 9:00pm

Info: New works by Andrea Stanislav.