Art Opening at Open Eye Figure Theatre - April 1

The River, Steven Lang

Aggression, Gail Kern

Place:  Open Eye Figure Theatre

Event:  Opening

When:  Opening Event April 1, 09 | 6:00 - 8:00pm   Show runs through April 25.

Info:  Featured Artists include: Steven Lang, Alex Alexander, Mitchell Dose, Gail Kern, Cecilia Schiller, and Zoe Sommers-Hass


Almost Homeless at First Amendment - March 28

Place:  First Amendment

Event:  Almost Homeless

When:  March 28, 09 | 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Info:  Isaac Arvold, Eric Inkala, John Grider, and Keiko Yagishita follow up their 2007 "Almost Famous" show with "Almost Homeless."

Tattoo Art at Gallery 122 - March 27

Place:  Gallery 122

Event:  Tattoo Art

When:  March 27, 09 | 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Info: Uptown Tattoo artists will be showing a collection of new works that have been created this past year.  These paintings are only the beginning of what you will be seeing from Uptown Tattoo in the future as these artists make a name for themselves outside of tattooing.  Artists include Brandon Holt, Zack Kinsey, Dan Kytola, Nic Skrade, Tom Strom and Jon Sweet.

Dunk Tank - Art of This Fundraiser at Art of This Gallery - March 28

Place: Art of This Gallery

Event:  Dunk Tank - Art of This Fundraiser

When:  March 28, 09 | 7:00 - 11:00 pm

Info: Dunk Tank is Art of This Gallery's 2009 Fundraiser.  This year Art of This and many of its collaborators will create a collection of games and activities in an overnight installation lock-in, all to be played during the following evening's fundraiser.  Along with the Ring Toss, Skee-Ball, the Kissing Booth and of course, the Dunk Tank, will be a raffle for original works of art by local artists Jay Heikes, Janet Lobberecht, Kirsten Peterson, Bruce Tapola, Melba Price, and Matthew Bakkom.

Deviant Art: Dispelling Myths at Northrup King Building - March 28

Place:  Northrup King Building
Event:  Deviant Art: Dispelling Myths

When:  March 28, 09 | 4:00 - 9:00 pm

Info:  A benefit art show for A Rotta Love Plus.  Hosted by Sarah Anderson, Lintu Art.  No fee to attend, free beverages and appetizers.  Meet the artists and discuss issues facing today's "deviant" dog breeds: Rottweilers and American Pit Bull Terriers.

Creating Context at MCAD - March 26

Place:  MCAD

Event:  Creating Context

When:  March 26, 09 | 6:00 pm

Info:  An exhibition of student and alumni work looking back on 10 years of the Bachelor of Science Creative Visualization program.

MCAD Blue Open House at 2538 2nd Ave South - March 20 - 22

Place:  2538 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55404

Event:  Blue Open House MCAD Installation + Performance Class, Exhibition 1 of 2

When:  March 20 6:30 - 9:00 pm, March 21 12:00 - 5:00 pm, March 22 12:00 - 5:00 pm |  09

Info:  MCAD presents a rare opportunity to own a bit of history.  The college will donate this home and its garage to qualified individuals/organizations who are willing to relocate the structure (preferably) within the Washburn Fair Oaks historic district.


Figure in the Landscape at Umber Studios - March 21

Place: Umber Studios

Event: Figure in the Landscape//Badlands, South Dakota

When: March 21, 09 8:00 pm Info: In may of 2008, sixteen artists - twelve photographers and four models - met near interior, south dakota for a five-day retreat/workshop in and around the badlands national park. the photographers and models worked collaboratively, joining the nude human form, the natural landscape, and the local cultural environment to create evocative and often dramatic portraiture. this event was led by minneapolis photographer doug beasley as part of his vision quest photo workshops.

Umber Studios

Casey John Opstad Opening at Sebastian Joe's - March 20

Place: Sebastian Joe's

Event: Casey John Opstad Opening

March 20, 09 7:00 pm Info: "Minneapolis by-way-of New York artist Casey John Opstad has provided the walls of Sebastian Joes with a fine selection of drawings and paintings of the urban landscapes of his two beloved cities. Taking the viewer through emotional reactions to his subject matter, Opstads paintings explore his own curiosity and role in places that often feel overwhelm


Rabi Sanfo Opening Reception Frank Stone Gallery - March 20

Place:  Frank Stone Gallery

Event:  Opening Reception Rabi Sanfo's L'age du Fer

When:  March 20, 09  |  5:00 - 9:00
Exhibit open during gallery hours until March 27th

Info:  Burkinabe artist Rabi Sanfo will be showing new works at his first solo show at the Frank Stone Gallery.

Opening Reception at Nina Bliese Gallery - March 19

I Knew Your Mother Well


Place:  Nina Bliese Gallery

Event:  Opening Reception

When:  March 19, 09 |  5:00 - 8:00 pm

Info:  "James Wrayge colors, marks and shapes create fascinating conceptual compositions with layers of true visual intensity associated with the great masters of abstraction.  The palette of this new body of work is pulsating, vibrant colors producing luminous qualities of inner light.  The large-scale works are particularly enticing.  The viewer transcends the everyday and is engulfed by the desire to contemplate the mystical and intuitive qualities of Wrayge's images."


Head Shots and Found Faces at One On One - March 7

Place:  One On One 

Event:  Head Shots and Found Faces

When:  Opening Reception March 7, 09 |  7:00 - 11:00 pm

Info:  Inspired by vintage mugshots and Weegee street photographs, view new portraits by Mary Gibney.

Creative Blood at Altered Esthetics - March 6

Margaret M. Gamache, Feed the Kids

Margaret M. Gamache, Both Sides Now

Place:  Altered Esthetics

Event:  Creative Blood

When:  Opening Reception March 6, 09 |  7:00 - 10:00 pm

Info:  "Highlighting the work of creative family pairs and groups.  Explore the similarities and differences that occur when creativity runs in the blood."